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We sell Ashford and Gaywool dyes.

The Gaywool Range

The Gaywool range of dyes is the market leader in Australia. Requiring no further
ingredients they are simple to use.

The dyes are suitable for wool, mohair, silk, silk, fur, nylon, angora and cashmere
and the results are colour-fast.

Online colour charts are available for the Gaywool "Originals" and "Bushblends" Ranges

Mail Order Prices

"Originals" (100g pot, to dye up to 800g of fibre) $12.50
"Bushblends" (50g pot, to dye up to 600g of fibre) $8.70

The Ashford Range

The Ashford Wool Dye Collection consists of 11 colours:
rust, brown, green, yellow, scarlet, hot pink, purple, teal, blue navy blue and black.

The dyes are available in sets or are available as individual pots in a range of sizes.

Mail Order Prices


Ashford Wool Dye Collection 11x 10g tubs, one of each colour $69.00
Ashford Wool Dye Rainbow Collection 3x 10g tubs (scarlet, yellow, blue) $19.50
Ashford Wool Dye Rainbow Collection 3x 50g tubs (scarlet, yellow, blue) $55.00

Individual Colours

Single Ashford Wool Dye Pots, in a range of 11 colours as above

10g tub $6.50
50g tub $18.90
100g tub $35.00
250g tub $80.00

Dye Kits

Cold 4 Season Dye Kits (includes urea paste, 2g each of 3 dye colours)

Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter: $19.00
Dye Padding Kit 300g (includes urea paste): $30.00

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST but exclude post and packing
Prices are subject to change

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