Supplying quality fibre craft materials and equipment to Queensland and beyond

We are pleased to offer a range of finest quality silk products including
mulberry silk sliver, tussah silk, silk caps and silk hankies.

All of our silk products are available raw or can be dyed to your liking in single colour; multi-colour combinations
and special rainbow dyed.

Products are available in 50g, 100g, 500g and 1kg quantities.

Mulberry Silk Sliver

Our finest quality mulberry silk has a super luxurious feel and is delightful to work.
It is the perfect fibre for your special creations whether you be a spinner,
felter, or paper maker.

The silk sliver requires no preparation and can be used straight out of the bag.

The sliver spins easily and readily takes acid dyes.

50g: $9.50, 100g: $18.50, 500g: $82.00, 1kg: $150.00

Dyed: 50g: $13.50, 100g: $22.00, 500g: $95.00, 1kg: $180.00

The minimum order size is 100g. Products can be combined

Tussah Silk

Tussah silk is an ecofriendly alternative to other silk.
It is harvested in the wild after the moths have broken free from the cocoons.
If you must have silk, but also love animals this is the silk for you!
Our tussah silk tops are a soft honey colour and are combed ready for spinning or combining with other fibres.

50g: $8.50, 100g: $15.50, 500g: $72.00, 1kg: $134.00

Dyed: 50g: $12.50, 100g: $20.00, 500g: $90.00, 1kg: $160.00

Silk Caps

We have some lovely hand-painted silk and random space dyed caps available. Spin into a glossy textured yarns or knit with them as unspun rovings. Great for blending with wool and other fibres and adding to your silk fusion and papermaking projects.

Undyed - $4.50 each (weight approximately 25g)

Dyed (random) - $6.50 each (weight approximately 25g)

Silk Hankies

Silk hankies are like silk caps, only the silk cocoons are stretched into a square shape.
Use them like a silk cap for spinning, or use unspun!
Felters - lay thin layers of hankies on top of fibres for felting to get beautiful effects
Also great for silk paper! Fabulous colours available or plain to dye your own.

Undyed 40g: $10.00, 100g: $18.80 (approximate weights)

Dyed (random) 40g: $12.00, 100g: $20.00 (approximate weights)

We recommend Ashford and Gaywool dyes and can supply these to you together with full instructions.

All prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST but exclude post and packing
Prices are subject to change

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